A year of Shorthand PR

(Originally posted on LinkedIn on Friday, August 20)

That's my first year up running Shorthand PR. It's been neither the personal nor economic disaster I feared it might.

Lots of folk have asked if I'd recommend breaking away and setting up alone. I think I probably would, on balance.

There are a few drawbacks. I've found it can be lonesome at times; not in terms of having people to chat to or socialise with - I'm actually still interacting with many of the people I always did. But it can be tricky not having anyone to turn to for a second opinion or advice in everyday matters. You end up with mistakes and oversights as a result (although there are always friends and colleagues you can consult on the big stuff).

Not having anyone to fall back on technologically can be an issue too - if your email stops working, you're pretty much out on your own.

But otherwise it's great, especially once you've acclimatised to the uncertainty of life running a business, which I was fortunate to more or less straight away.

As everyone says flexibility is superb, though it just as often means working at 11pm on a Sunday as it does having a random Thursday off.

Above all it's permanently interesting, you never stop thinking about it and there isn't really a limit on what you can achieve with it all. Maybe the sheer necessity of the situation gives you a gear you didn't know was there.

Anyway, you didn't need to know any of that. Will check in next year when it's all fallen flat.