Taking the drama out of a crisis


Every organisation can stumble upon a crisis, and when that happens intensive media support will be required.

Whether the crisis was self-imposed or due to unavoidable external factors, the important thing is how it is managed so that damage can be limited and reputation restored.

We have extensive experience in helping organisations who've required crisis PR assistance, and know exactly what measures to take.

Our assistance can range from simply being a point of contact for journalists to divert the volume of traffic from managers and central office, to more intensive long-term planning and strategy to help get you out of a hole.

Every crisis is unique, although many of them have the same themes and follow similar patterns, all of which we are well-versed in navigating.

Our crisis PR service includes a 24/7 media response operation and advice provision.

If this has happened to you or your business, drop us a quick line to see how we can help.