Charities feature in newspapers and the wider media every single day.

They recognise that coverage and publicity are essential to making themselves known, increasing their influence and - crucially - getting more cash in.

There are two tactics charities can approach in securing more column inches; being reactive, and pro-active. Both result in increased exposure, and your charity becoming more widely known for the right reasons.


If you sign with us, we will ensure your organisation is issuing media comment and reaction - on a daily basis if necessary - on topical issues linked to your charity's work. At Shorthand we keep up with the news, so we know what's newsworthy, and we know what's coming.

We also know what's coming down the track.

By frequently commenting on news stories, a charity becomes an authority on an issue. That begins with appearing in papers and news websites, then naturally expands to TV and radio appearances. Together, we start by commenting on stories of the day quickly and effectively. Before long, news outlets will be seeking you out for your views, and you will be one of the go-to organisations in your field.


Being reactive in the media is great, but we're keen at Shorthand that this is backed up by organisations being pro-active too. We're experts in identifying work a charity does, making it newsworthy in a positive sense, then selecting the appropriate news outlets to pitch it to, and at the right time. Both pro-active and reactive strategies work best when going hand-in-hand, and often one follows the other anyway.

Whatever approach you choose - it can be a blend of both - we will field all your media calls, issue your statements, write your press releases, brief your staff and members ahead of any media appearances, and take care of any other media-related activity involving your organisation.