Every organisation can find itself in trouble or on the brink of bad publicity. It might be the fault of one, many, or nobody at all. Either way, it has to be dealt with quickly and effectively. We have extensive experience in helping organisations cope with bad-news stories, ensuring publicity only lasts one or two news cycles, and advising on ways to recover some of the damage caused. 

With our extensive contacts across both print and broadcast media, we can compress the amount of time negative stories run. There's nothing worse than an organisation being slow on its feet, meaning one incident turns into several days of public humiliation.

We act swiftly and decisively to avoid that, and provide ongoing help to help rebuild reputations and move the news agenda from negative, to neutral, then ultimately to positive.

If you have a PR emergency we are on call 24/7. Simply phone 0776 252 3928 or email adammorrisnews@gmail.com.