Most small businesses don't have the resources to employ their own PR team. That tends to leave two scenarios; over-stretched business owners trying their hand at PR when they've got other things to do and no expertise in doing so, or a small business getting no publicity at all.

We can change that.

We appreciate some small businesses won't have much need for PR, while others will want just a smattering of involvement. That's why we have a variety of packages available, from low involvement to intensive PR support.

But the media can be a very powerful tool for small businesses, and an excellent way for them to get their message across to the general public and the decision-makers who either make their life easier or more difficult.

Almost every firm, regardless of size, has an issue which needs some kind of action, from the level of business rates to the frequency of road closures outside their premises. Speak to us, and we can help you decide if you need someone to help you get your voice heard in the media. Whether it's securing agenda-setting opinion pieces, writing pointed letters or issuing tough-language press releases, we can help with anything that makes your business tick.