Frejz is a Glasgow-based business development firm who link up small and medium-sized firms with investors in order to take the next step. They also provide training and coaching to business owners who want to expand their brand. Writing in the Times, managing director Finlay Kerr said councils and the government need to seize on the "accidental entrepreneurs" who have emerged through the Covid-19 crisis. Read the full piece here:

As restrictions lifted and focus went back onto economic recovery, Frejz warned about the importance of continuing government support for companies to see them through the next few months. They highlighted new figures which show 40 per cent of Scottish businesses think they'll run out of cash within six months. This is from the front page of the Scotsman's business sections:

Writing in the Herald, Finlay called for councils and the government to work together to establish "summer schools" where businesses who've been forced to start afresh could access training in attracting investment and scaling up. Full text here:

In the Press and Journal, Finlay says the north of Scotland could be uniquely placed to drive economic recovery. Full piece available here:

Writing in the Scotsman, Finlay said the government and councils should consider a range of proposals to encourage confidence among businesses. He highlighted latest stats which showed growing optimism for the future among Scottish firms. Read the whole thing here:

The piece even got a plug on the front page...